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An utter Conspiracy of divide & rule

An utter Conspiracy of divide & rule causes Inter caste violence and crimes against humanity which anguish Agrarian and Social turmoil in Haryana.
In Haryana 15 % of total GDP comes from Agriculture but employed 60 % of population. In compare to Service sector including manufacturing share in GDP is 28 % and in total Service sector 57 % Share in GDP and employed 21% Population. This fact proved that dependence on Agriculture in minimizes income increase the number in compare to other sectors and it is increasing day by day. In other words economic disparity and un-employeement reaches in worst condition. This is also one aspect of upsurge of Jat agitation.
Ex-CM Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda played a vote card and announced 10 % OBC reservation to Jats in January 2013 at the end of his 10 years regime in the state which was Supreme Court rejected being unconstitutional. BJP also promise the said reservation during election drive in the state.Earlier Justice Guenam Singh Commission also recommended 10 % Reservation to the Jats . BJP minister from last one and half years continuously giving heart burning statements in favour and against the said Jat reservation. In this period Mr. O.P. Dhankhar, Mr. Captain Abhimanu & Mr. Raj  Kumar Saini given instigating speeches and statements whish prepare the ground of the said Jat Agitation & Arson in the state. Social media is widely misused to spreading heartburning and instigating videos, messages and pictures to fulfill their guilty ends.
Bacground(Events):-on 26 October,2014 BJP constituted Government under the leadership of Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar. On 25 May 2015 people were instigating on Social media , mob consisting 2000 people burnt Mosque and houses of a particular community in Itali (Balamgarh). No action taken against the commuters which allegedly belongs to Fanatics Hindu groups. The crops of farmers destroyed due to draught badly affected 10 districts. This is 6th draught in last 11 years in the State. Farmers are intensifying struggle for compensation which is estimated almost 5000 crore rupee. A large number of population deprive to contest panchayat elections in the name of education this also largely spread dissatisfaction and disappointment among the rural people.
In the month of December 2015 a meeting was arranged with PM by Sarb Jat Khap leaders under the banner of Jat Arakhshan Smiti. On 23 December 2015 protest Dharna was organized at Delhi in which youth was specially invited. They give notice & announced to intensify agitation after the panchayat elections in the state.  Subhe Singh Sumen announced Dharna on 15 January,2016 on behalf of Jat Arakhshan Smiti.
31st January,2016 Haryana CM praise Khap Panchayats in a program at Kolkata(WB) .
9th February announced   that  a committee of Chief Secretary & other secretaries constituted to resolve the quota issue and protest Dharna fixed for 15 Februray was postponed but another Jat leader Hawa Singh Sangwan started Dharna on 12 Feburary demanding assurance of minister of Haryana Government on Quota and demand strict action against BJP MP Raj Kumar Saini for his heartburning language against Jats. He met BJP President and also met to Agriculture Minister O.P. Dhankhar on 14 February. He declare to withdraw Dharna and announce Mahasamelan at Sampla (Rohtak)  but Jat youth was inspired for jobs and understand the game and nexus between Government Jat leaders, this foul the whole play
In the month of Mid February  news of Vilolence in Jat dominated districts of Haryana (Sonipat, Jhajar, Bhiwani, Kaithal, Kurukshetra, Hissar etc). Taking notice of loot, arson, fire Gang rapes and molestation of women Association For Democratic Right and Democratic Lawyers Association Punjab constituted a fact finding team consisting Shri Narbhinder, Dr. Jagmohan Singh, Tarsem Lal, Vidhu Sekhar, Rajiv Lohatbaddi Advocate, Gurpreet Fateh Advocate along with Pankaj Tyagi  . The team visited the area of Sonipat, Murthal, Rohtak, Guhana and many other places where violence busted. The team interview victimized people, Agitator Jat Leaders, Administration, Police, Social and political Organizations, press reporters and collected the following facts.
            Many consecutive crops of farmers got destroyed due to droughts and other factors. It was 6th drought in the last 11 years 14 districts were badly effected. An estimated 5000 crore loss was met to farmers. The farmers were struggling for compensation. 32 suicides noticed in first time in Haryana which knock the agrarian turmoil in state.
There were panchyat elections on 10, 17 and 24th January 2016. Due to change in law many people were deprived from being elected in name of education. This deprivation raised a feeling of dissatisfaction among rural people.
            There was a meeting of Sarab Khap Jat leaders with P.M in December. A protest was held at Delhi on 23 December 2015 and youth is specially participated. A notice was given to intense by the struggle after panchayat elections. Sube Singh Sumen declared a Dharna by Jat Aarakshan struggle committee on 15 Feburary 2016. The C.M of Haryana had appreciated Khaps at Kalcutta on 31st January 2016. A committee of chief secretary and different secretaries got formed after a meeting with Sube Singh on 9th Feburary and proposed Sube of 15th  February got post poned.
But Hawa Singh Sangwan of Akhil Bhartiya Jat Aarkshan Sanghrash Samiti started indefinite Dharna on 12th February 2016 at Mawer in District Hissar. It was one of demand that B.J.P MP Raj Kumar Saini should be convicted for speaking against Jats and concerned Minister should assure Jat Reservation.
   Hawa Singh Sangwan met B.J.P President and Agriculture minister Om Parkash Dhankhar on 14th February thereafter he declared a Maha Jat Samelen at Sampla and lifted the dharna. It was all peaceful up till end.
Attraction of Jat Reservation enthusized Jat youth and the whole agitation lost the control. Yuleps and maryless were bought to dead with protests and police were given training for this.
A peaceful protest started at Sampla on 15 February which was lead by elderly people. The Youth started blocking the road by cut off trees. On the same day C.M addressed the sarpanches of Rohtak district and told them to stop them with road if not with love.  On 19-02-2016 C.M declared 10% OBC Quota to Jats. Though NH-10 remained closed but it was peaceful.
O.P Dhankhar, Abhimanion and Raj Kumar Saini Haryana Government leaders were giving poisonous statements for the last one and a half year. There were messages, videos on social networking sites to spread hate on caste lines. It was all alone in a conspiracy.
Murthal Episode:- There was a  violence on the night of 21st Feburary on Murthal NHI  12 trucks , many buses and cars were burnt and looted during arson. Commuters were present there up till 22 the Feburary. There were news of women molestation and rape. But after a very  brief period these got silenced.
The team visited Appolo I.N.School Mannat Haveli , Sukhdev Dhaba, Villages Hassanpur ,Kurahar, Murthal , petrol Pumps , and many shops way side hotels  and dhabas. The team met employes, owners,  press reporters, leaders, common people of many communities and castes. They were all seems under great pressure and coercion . Many employees of intelligence Agencies in civilian dress were forcing that there was no incident of Gang rapes. But some lower level employers and social activists told us that lumpon youth molested and raped the women in a very hateful way. The reports in the papers are only 1 % of the total brutality. They looted wine shops, Hotels, Cars and trucks of Punjab, H.P and J&K under targeted manner and burnt all to destroy the evidence of their brutality. Some marginalized families of Murthal and Hasanpura told that a common say in people that women were badly exploited. A women of village Kurhan went on speaking without asking any question: “Jat sons do not do such evils. Looting and abjure violence also done by Chuhra boys and Muslims coming from U.P. side , Looting a burnt were done by lower caste people just to defame Jats”.
The witnesses who earliest endorse the episodes of gang rapes and outraging modesty of women were now denying it due to loyal towards the villagism. They were clearly saying that we do not want to black list our village. “Who will come to marry our sons in our village.”
SHO Murthal was telephoned may times from his office. He told the team that only 14 FIRs registered against traffic Jams and obstruction on roads(we can not give you the copy of these FIRs.) NO rape case is registered or reported to us. It is all wrong and malicious. Saini people of Murthal told that people on Tractor trollies, Motor Cycles shouted slogans against them, Knocked their doors, a car was smashed , an employers of Dawat factory was looted of Rs. 1600 and motor cycle burnt ( team seen the burnt motor cycle).
Jat protests told that we protected Sukhdev Dhaba from those who abjure violence. Police and Army did nothing. They told 7-8 youth with deadly iron weapons were shouting slogans and were putting on fire road side vehicles. But they remained silence when asked about Motor cycle no. or video of said instance. The incident of rape may have happened on the might of 21st at Sukhdev Dhaba where NRIs stayed at night. This hotel is also related to Punjabi people.
Similarly the owner of Mannat Hotel Varinder Qaidian who was associates with Jats dares to save the more than 300 people. He gave them safe and free shelter to these people. He told that they do not want reservation on the corpse of humanity and brutality. Police and Army remained silent spectator. An army man was attacked with a sharp edge weapon and thereafter army gun down 4 young men.
On 20.2.2016 a  Jurrasic Park (associated with Punjabis) was attacked by a  crowd of 20000-25000 people. They looted and destroyed the park for two days and then burnt it completely. 15-20 young people on motor cycles were round on this road and they were looting passerby. Non Jat Dhabas were directed to prepare food for agitators as tax of their in regime. They demanded ransom for not destroying their buildings and properties . They separated the men and women on the Highway and looted them. Some Dhaba people told that they gave clothes to the passing passengers.
It is a common say in the area that women were badly exploited which were from Punjab, H.P and J& K. to suppress fair picture of the people the whole area decided to keep mum on the issue. Team enquired from press reporters which confirmed their reports and facts.
In strange to know that SIT made by the orders of H.C. did not investigate the matter seriously. They tried to hush up the matter. They did not try to contact owners of burnt vehicles but they were all out of sight on the next day.
Some women who were trapped there told that 1000 no. telephone and other digital ways to contact officials were jammed. This is also a matter of serious concern in the age of Digital India. The prestige of army is also on stake when it has taken charges without directions to abjure violence.
Rohtak Incidents:- On 17 Feburary 2016 some advocates were protesting in support of J.N.U. episode in Rohtak courts 150 people on the banner of 35 Non -Jat castes raising slogans of Jat Andolan Murdabad and asked to clear the Jam. There was a minor scuffle. In the evening D.S.P Amit Dahia and DSP Amit Bhatia entered into the hostels of Nekki Ram Jat College and M.D. University. They intentionally after  identified the Jat students and brutally torture them. This  seems as  it was done to instigate Jat students/youth. Then there was a rumor spread over in villages that some Jat students are killed and status of Sir Chottu Ram was broken. A strong youth force in hundered in tractor trollyes went to Saini School and tortured Saini students. Three students were killed in police firing. The crowd went berserks. They looted non Jast Shopes, 4 hospitals, 7 schools, showrooms, wine shops, Gun houses, Police stations, and jewelry shops & thereafter they burnt all these shops. They also looted Branded Cloth shops, Mobile shops, Car showrooms, Buckets for Asian Paint Factory, Micron, Vita Milk Plant and Toll Plazas in same manner. This all went from 20th February 11Am to the mid of 21st February.
Civil and police administration was silent spectator. Some army men unofficially told us that they were instructed written not to act in any way.
One I.G appealed to a violent crowd consisting women and children who were going aggressive but they cool down for some time. When mob is burning number of factories they reach to burn the Gas Plant contacting Ammonia Gas the people of all communities of nearby villages gathers to save and resist against the this mob. It put a good effect and they saved the city from Another episode like Nagasaki & Hiroshima in Rohtak.
Punjabi Saini and Non-Jat properties were looted and arson the same  after identified them violent crowed looted the show rooms of Hyundai and Honda. They drove into new and old cars get them accidental and threw some in to canals. The crowed burned the house of F.M of Haryana but did not touched the houses of Bhupinder Hooda and Abhey Chotala . IN Agro Mall a DSP forced the protests to noise rubbing (nose-diving
A woman was injured by sharp edge weapon in Sukhpura Mohalla by commuters. It is of the town here that some women were raped ,killed burnt alive and thrown in the canal. There is a student outfit namely Chattar Ekta Manch under the leadership of Neeraj and Kiran they help injured students in PGI, Rohtak and organized Solidarity Marches in the burning and dark age of conspiracies against humanity. All India Democratic Women Association also organizes peace marches in the city.
4. Guhana area Episodes:- A strong crowd of 1000 protests were resisted to enter the village by Dalit people and others living on the out skirts of village 5-6 young men  fired in the air to frighten the people and entered the village. They killed a Dalit Balmiki young man by lynching him. Some people brought this instance into the notice of SDM Mr. Dharminder but he said you talk about your own loss don’t need to discuss but happen with others. A Solidarity peace march of all the communities was organized by Jan Adhikar Manch under the presitious leadership of Dr. C.D. Sharma. Some women organizations also held marches in the town to protest against atrocities and Gang rapes with women in Murthal. There were targetted incidents loot, arson  properties of Non Jats & some Jat Shops were also looted.
5. In Jhajar, Bhiwani, Hissar and Kaithal and many other places planned destruction and looting of non jat Punjabi saini and Dalits were made.
Castism and feudalism is deep rooted in Haryana. It is used in politics from time to time is a socially backward state feudal culture and ideology is prevalent here. The Jats in Haryana is a dominate caste. They are also having Jat ego and fake pride. Jat population in dominate in bearucracy police and other Administrative hierarchy. Mainly jats remained C.M. of Haryana. Jats have 53.33% land hording. Jats are 68.77% commission against 28% school and college owners. 19.42% Aggarwal, 14.75% Khattri, 7.19% Brahmn are dominate. Dalits & OBC have a very small ratio in service and other sectors. They are largely uneducated. Yadavs, Sainis, Ahirs and Kamboj which are under OBC 27% Reservation have small land hoardings. In Haryana Agriculture is in a deep crisis due to world capital Model. There is a water crisis for agriculture due to development of NCR and usage increase rapidly for non agriculture purpose. Under ground water is also not safe for agricultural use.Haryana has no own canal irrigation system .Due to climatic change , weak monsoon season and white fly attack on crops farmers lost their crops and livelihood from the last 3 years. 10 districts of Haryana are badly affected by draughts. In History of Haryana farmers and labour suicides noticed in first time. For the last 3 years canal irrigated came down to 30 % due to loss of Bajra, cotton and Guara Crops. 15% Population had give land less in last 20 years. 80% have 2.5 acre land. There is no appropriate co-operative society system. Rural people are badly indebted.15 Lac job cards distributed under MNREGA but gave job to only 5 Lac. In 2013-14 ,118 Lac days, in 14-1 0.62 Lac days, 2015-16, 0.32 Lac days job was given under MNREGA. Population of Haryana is 3 crore, 4.5 Lac Government Jobs are vacant. In the origin of Haryana population was 1.5 crore and jobs, 1.68 Lac. In the last one & Half Year Government has given Govt. jobs to 500 and sacked 1500. Government works are done by out sourcing and contract system there are no regular jobs. Big land lords and Real Estate has grab agriculture land in the name of development. Delhi NCR has captured industry and capital market. Jat Reservation protest was mainly held in jat and congress dominate areas. It was largely supported by 70 Khaps. Mandal Commission was also strongly protested in these areas at that time. In the past Justice Gurnam Singh Commission has also recommended Jat Quota. In the last time of Hooda Govt also played vote bank card to give 10 % reservation to jats but Supreme Court scrapped it. BJP has proposed Jat reservation in its election manifesto. Some BJP ministers are giving statements in favour and against this Jat reservation. The Govt paid no attentition to Health, Education employment of common people. Total Govt machinery was oriented to apply BJP RSS communal and corporate agenda. This all created jat and non jat polarization. This was done only for vote politics which pushed the State in fire of castism. Due to corporate policies of Ruling classes, un employment and agrarian crisis rising rapidly in the State. 17000 trees were destroyed in Jat stir loot, arson, fire, murder, loot and gang rapes repeated 1947,1984 carnage. Haryana Govt is suppressing these incident of rape so that people of Punjab, H.P and J&K may not retaliate on these incidents. On the Basis of the above fact finding report we demand.
1.     Independent and Judicial enquiry by consisting 3 sitting S.C. Judges incidents after 19th February in Haryana should be done and guilty be punished.
2.     Gang rape, Burning of Schools and Hospitals is equivalent to  UN Convention against crimes and Crimes against Humanity. Responsible person should be punished accordingly.
3.     Suppression of the incidents of Gang rape by civil and police authorities should be tally investigated and culprits should be punished. All incidents happened in same pattern of 1984 Delhi riots targeted under deep conspiracy.
4.     Under Garments of Muthal Victim women should be medico-legal examined from M.D.U. Rohtak instead of Forensic State Labotary  Madhuban which under direct control of State Police.
5.     Why state machinery got paralyzed for 2-3 days and Communication stopped in the age of Digital India, Newspapers also forcefully stopped to publish especially in Rohtak.
6.     Why Administration divided on castism It should be roughly investigated and need to be cured.
7.     Responsible goon , political leaders, administration, police and army authorities should be booked.
8.     Due compensation to all the loss of property, life and employment should be given.
9.     We appeal to all the people to lesson this inter-caste, inter-religion and make the social connections to eradicate this menace from our society.
10.                         It also alarming SIT constituted by Hon’ble High Court is not working in true spirit but helping in destroying evidence. No owner of vehicles and properties which were burnt and looted approached although all the evidence removed from the place of occurrence. Women who suffered the stir called on 100 but all contacts shutdown intentionally, army also shut down contacts, this all happen on National Highway and nearby while army deployed this badly harm the credibility of Army the conspiracy need to investigated thoroughly so that the peace and respect of Armed forces should be regain.

Released by
Dr. Jagmohan Singh                                   Advocate Daljit Singh
General Secretary AFDR                          Convener DLA Punjab

9814001836                                              98554-01510, 9417245123

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