Monday, February 18, 2013

Abolish Death Sentence viz a viz Hanging of Afzal Guru

Hanging of Afzal Guru is a grave violation of International human rights charter- AFDR

Ludhiana: Association for Democratic Rights –AFDR ( Punjab)  held a protest march against the hanging of Kashmiri  youth Afzal Guru on 16th February, in which  leading democratic activists from different districts  participated.  The speakers alleged that Afzal Guru was implicated in Parliament attack case  under  a well thought out conspiracy. Extensive coverage given to his ‘confessional’ statement  extracted  with inhuman torture in police custody in the  media , was a  ploy to execute him. Neither he  was provided with legal aid to defend his case in the court, nor was given chance to move for judicial review for reducing his  death sentence after the president had  rejected his  mercy  petition. The questions raised by  Afzal Guru regarding the  role  of  S. T. F working under the patronage of MHA, in this case  have still not  been  answered. Without  providing any solid evidence and  relying on totally illogical  argument of  “satisfaction of  collective  sentiments of the nation” , he was hanged surreptitiously just for being a Muslim and Kashmiri . The speakers  emphasized that hanging of Afzal Guru is grave violation of the International human rights charter. Use of the statements extracted from Afzal in police custody, as an evidence to execute him  is  violation  of  judicial norms and  is unjust  practice and after rejection of his mercy petition by the  president on Sunday, the govt seemed to be in hurry to execute him without justifying his involvement in the attack on Indian parliament.The speakers added that by not informing his relatives about his execution and then not handing over his dead body to them is outright inhuman behavior of Indian  rulers. All the speakers condemned the suppression of voice of Kashmiris through imposition of curfew in Kashmir valley and gaging the media. Actually Indian state, not being a democracy is working like a machine for taking  lives of its own citizens. Terming it a very  uncivilized sentence, the  speakers  demanded  the constitutional  abolition of  capital punishment and decried the outrageous  activities of bajrang dal rogues in connivance with police, against the  Kashmiri girls and other activists  protesting  against the hanging of  Afzal Guru at Delhi and blackening  the  face of renowned activist Gautam  Navlakha  and  demanded that  strict action be taken against such  fascist elements and police officials protecting them.
      The   protest march was addressed by the General  secratery, Prof Jagmohan singh, distt president Prof. A K Maleri, state press secretary Buta Singh, organizing secretary Narbhinder Singh, and  Pritpal  Singh. At the occasion Mr Abhai singh writer, master Tarsem lal, Namdev Bhutal, Darshan singh Moga, Dr Tejpal, Gurpreet Kaur and many other district leaders and activists were present.

                                                                      Issued by

Buta Singh, Press Secretary, A F D R   ( Punjab)

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